The Geological Surveys Database project is a collaborative effort between the American Geosciences Institute and U.S. state geological surveys to help increase the discoverability and use of geological survey publications.

The Geological Surveys Database includes publications from the state geological surveys and factsheets from the U.S. Geological Survey. The database is a hybrid bibliographic and full-text database, containing records that have either bibliographic information only or bibliographic and full-text information. For those records with full-text data, users have the ability to search both the bibliographic fields (i.e., title, author, notes, etc.) and also the entire text of the publications in order to find the information they are seeking.

Please note that the full-text information is stored in the database, but is not downloadable. Publications are not distributed through the Geological Surveys Database. Users can only access the publications by linking through to the publications where they exist on the state geological surveys websites, or in the case of USGS Factsheets, on the USGS factsheet publication page.

For more information about the database, please visit the About the Database page.