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Adding and Updating Database Records

In order for a record to be available for full-text searching in the Geological Surveys Database, it must also have the corresponding full-text of the publication associated with it. Full-text is extracted from a pdf copy of the publication.

Please note that the full-text information is stored in the database, but is not downloadable, and the corresponding pdf is also not downloadable. Publications are not distributed through the Geological Surveys Database. Users can only access the publications by linking through to the publications where they exist on the state geological surveys websites, or in the case of USGS Factsheets, on the USGS factsheet publication page.

In order to add publications to the Geological Surveys Database, please provide a link to download a pdf copy of each publication so that we can process it for full-text searching. A link to the location where the publications can be downloaded from, such as a publications list on a webpage will also suffice. This is the minimum requirement for adding publications to the database.

If your state geological survey has publications it would like to include in the Geological Surveys Database that are behind paywalls, please contact Leila Gonzales at to discuss how to transfer a copy of the pdfs of those publications so that the records can be made searchable in this database.

As part of the process of adding publications to the database, metadata for new or updated records are first matched to corresponding bibliographic metadata from GeoRef and are supplemented with additional metadata from the state geological surveys if available. PDFs are processed for full-text indexing. Next the updated metadata and the full-text of the publications are loaded to the Geological Surveys Database and the corresponding records are then made available for searching.

In order to facilitate and expedite processing of new publications, please email the following metadata to Leila Gonzales at This will allow us to more quickly match the metadata to the associated GeoRef record and augment the GeoRef metadata with the abstract, urls, and coordinate information.

  • Publication Series
  • Publication Number
  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Publication Date
  • Abstract
  • DOI (if available)
  • Link to download the pdf
    If you have multiple links to a publication, such as a link to the report and additional links to supporting documents such as maps or plates, etc. please include all of the download links.
  • Link to publication webpage (if available)
  • Bounding box geographic coordinates in degrees-minutes-seconds format (preferred) or in decimal degrees. (if available)
    Geographic coordinates allow users to find your publications through the geographic search interface.